A few kind and generous words from clients past and present…

Vincent helped me to dispel all the reasons I had in my head around why I couldn’t possibly be in a relationship. I had ten years of not being with anyone and through Vincent’s coaching and guidance, have started a new relationship.


I now have a better relationship with money. The coaching also helped me to get more confident in my abilities, new skills, and better at time management, and my business is growing as a result. Everybody should have a coach!


I marvel at the distance we have travelled together in just seven weeks. What I find most amazing is the transformation that has taken place in my life within that time, after being in a place of deep suffering and confusion for almost all of my life.


I developed better tools to learn something from every experience, and turn a potential crisis into a rich learning curve. When I looked back at the wild dreams I outlined at the beginning of my coaching sessions with Vincent, I got a surprise at how much I’ve actually achieved. Once Vincent helped me tap into what I really wanted to do, and set goals that I could achieve, doors started opening. I’ve realised that anything is possible! I’m really grateful and excited about where I am now, and where I’m now heading. Thank you Vincent.


The coaching provided me with better understanding, improved communication and made new information available to me. I felt supported at all times and able to ask for a valuable practical advice. Vincent helped me to find solutions to my challenges and learn from each experience. Vincent was able to facilitate a change to how I felt and empowered me to take action.


I set daily tasks of keeping my positive self-regard, and do things to love and nurture myself. I am learning that I am healthy, whole and complete as I am. I honestly do think differently now and I thank you so much for making this possible. The key was that you allowed me to feel as an equal from the moment we spoke and now only weeks later I would never ever describe myself as a loser again. What a shift!


The coaching was always specific to what my situation, problem or aspect of my life that needed attention at that particular time with Vincent. He provided a wide and varied number of strategies to help me develop my own techniques to tackle current and future thought processes that may prove challenging. It was always well structured, timely, supportive and considerate.


I experienced being more calm and in control of my life and emotions, and feeling happier. I started to meditate every day and stopped behaviours that were making me unhappy.


Vincent is very perceptive, funny, a great listener and has huge understanding and compassion. He helps me take responsibility for my choices, see things from a different perspective and breakthrough my own resistance and learn to appreciate my partner in ways I never could before. I always come away feeling so much lighter and brighter.


Creating The Life You Desire

How I can support you to reach your goals

With the right support, there is so much available to give you the life you have dreamed of creating.

I am passionate about helping you discover what inspires you and what lights you up, revealing your inner most desires.

And then, together, we can set about creating the kind of life you would like through a strategy tailor-made for you.

How Best May I Connect To Explore My Options?

Please feel free to call, SMS or email to say hi and find a mutually agreeable time to meet in person, by phone or Skype. I look forward to connecting with you soon.


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