My Vision Of Coaching

A relationship of trust, support and action

At nine years old, my favourite teacher was Miss Bichener. She was a joyous storyteller, a great listener, and she instilled in the entire class a feeling of trust, safety and acceptance.

Throughout life, I flourished in the presence of my favourite teachers and want the exact same experience for my clients.

As a coach, I offer a relationship of trust and support, as well as complete acceptance and lack of judgement of your circumstances or whatever has happened in your life up to this point.

I am passionate about helping clients connect to their genius, through a shared journey of exploration and action.

What Is Coaching?

The impossible becomes possible when you have your own coach

Coaching will help you experience new clarity in your life, and create a clear vision of your future, so you end up exactly where you want to go.

Together we will create a clear understanding of what you truly want and find what ‘lights you up’, then develop an exact strategy and plan to ensure we achieve it.

The Three Coaching Areas

What would you dare to dream?

Imagine designing a life of maximum happiness and vitality, and a true sense of fulfilment in the areas of life that matter most to you, with no holds barred.

If you had the support of somebody who was committed to helping you achieve this, what area would you focus on first?

Life Coaching

– find your purpose and create direction, vision and life goals to enrich the seven key areas of your life: vocation/career, family and personal relationships, your environment, finances, physical wellbeing, social life and spirituality.

Love Coaching

– reveal the story that may be holding you back in regard to relationships. Learn what skills and tools to develop so you’re equipped to create a relationship free from pain and suffering and full of joy, pleasure and deeply satisfying connection.

Enterprise Coaching

– discover what to do with the rest of your life. Create a fine-tuned plan for your business that enriches, inspires and energises you, with strategies, resources and materials for success. (Especially relevant to solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners.)

How Best May I Connect To Explore My Options?

Please feel free to call, SMS or email to say hi and find a mutually agreeable time to meet in person, by phone or Skype. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Telephone: +44 7960 671 904